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Feb 7, 2013 11:30pm PST
supporters to help hike the taxes. he was greeted with a standing ovation. >> come on let's get on with this. >> reporter: and so he did. chuck reed delivered his seventh state of the city address tonight in front of a who's who of silican valley at the civic auditorium. he vowed to open more closed libraries and work to keep employees. in recent years thousands have been let go or they've left for other jobs. >> nowhere is this more apparent than our police officer. >> reporter: mayor reed says the city will hire 200 more officers. saying 15 have already been hired and more are in the works. to fund improvements, reed suggested a tax hike. 70% of people would support a quarter cent tax increase. >> possibly go to the voters for a tax increase in 2014 but success cannot be assumed. >> reporter: reed was successful in getting voters to pass measure b last year which reformed pensions. but his battle with the unions is far from over. the afl-cio says that the mayor needs to reach across the aisle much more. >> he has taken the approach not only the city workers but community groups that i
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am PST
steal identities in order to get tens of thousands of dollars in tax refunds. following a nationwide investigation, the irs has pinpointed 389 id theft suspects. 109 were arrested. last year, irs investigators prevented $20 billion in potential refund fraud by focusing on the high-risk cities of miami, new york, atlanta, san francisco, chicago and l.a. apple says it will consider a proposal about the future of its stock. the announcement came now that greenlight capital's hedge fund manager david einhorn is suing the tech giant. einhorn wants apple to use some of its $137 billion of cash on hand to prop up the stock price and distribute high-yielding preferred stock to shareholders. einhorn owns a million shares of apple, and his hedge fund is losing money with the stock falling from $705 in september to $392 today. hedge fund manager bill ackman has a fresh attack against herbalife. he sent a 40-page series of questions to the vitamin supplier with topics including compliance with california laws, phony retail customers, and earnings disclosure. herbalife had no response. ackman has
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
income rose only 2.1% last year, and now that's taken away by the 2% raise in the payroll tax. so people are borrowing because of stagnant wages and resorting to credit for necessities." during the next six months, bankers expect more requests for lines of credit and balances to increase. does it mean more americans will put themselves at greater financial risk? not necessarily. "increasing your credit line sometimes can help your credit score by increasing your available credit. but opening new lines of credit can be negative, depending on everything else going on there." another credit-related development - retailers may now add a surcharge if you make your purchase with a credit card, though some may do so at their own risk. "there are a lot of consumers who will walk in, see the surcharge sign and walk down the street to a competitor that doesn't charge a surcharge." it's far from universal - ten states prohibit retailers from charging a credit-card surcharge. and one alternative - you may avoid the surcharge by using your debit card. home mortgages with no money down are becoming po
Feb 2, 2013 11:30pm PST
a balanced approach that would eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthiest americans and large corporations. >>> meanwhile the white house released this photo of president obama skeet shooting at camp david. the photo was taken back in august, but was released to answer skeptics who doubted mr. obama knew how to shoot. a tbs congresswoman questioned mr. obama's statements that he enjoys the sport and respects the traditions of hunting. >>> in turkey police have confirmed the identity of the suicide bomber who attacked an american embassy. police released this security video the bomber moments before he ignited the bomb. the terrorist group that claim responsible for the bombing now calls him a martyr for the anti- american cause. the attack killed a security guard and seriously injured a journalist. >>> also in turkey police have arrested at least nine in connection with the disappearance and death of a new york woman. body of 33-year-old sarai sierra was found in istanbul with stab wound. police with combing surveillance video from her travel. sarais with an amateur photograph
Feb 5, 2013 11:30pm PST
valley. >> i think in the wake of a tax increase when people find out things like, we're giving away millions of the dollars to the losers, you know it just erodes the public trust. >> reporter: yet rail officials say stipends for losing bidders lower the cost for bay area projects like the bore and the bridge. >> we definitely have our eyes on the taxpayer dollars here and believe this is in the taxpayers interest to get competition at lower cost. >> reporter: some critics say the need for extra incentives is actually an indication of how difficult the project has become. >> after actually watching this process unfold $2 million seems like a small price to compensate the bidders who are sort of going along with the high speed rail on this one. it is such a mess. >> reporter: the high speed rail authorities chairman tells me companies can spend as much as $10 million just putting their bids together. officials still hope to break ground in july. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> wet weather returns to the forecast when you can expect some showers and the conditions you will ha
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
continues, the second crime scene in riverside, the entire state of california is on a tax cal alert and a navy base is on lock down. he had a hotel there as late as wednesday. adam housle yeshgs. >> more details from this man hunt. >> the officers mistakenly shot two women2 women delivers papers. >> police call it a case of mistaken identity. >> he was fire from the los angeles police department back in 2008 for making false statements. >> in a lacy manifest o, we found on his facebook page, he names former la police chief, now a consultant. bratten and courter opposed if are this photo, but he says he doesn't remember the former officer. >> i don't recall him. as distinctive as he looks, and i don't recall the specific set of circumstances for which i fired him. >> he sent him a coin given by bratton to cnn news center. it had 3 bullet holes in it along with a note that read thanks but no thanks. >> they issued a blue alert for dorner. the blue alert is subject to an amber alert. this is the third such alert since the system sufficiency established 2 years ago. go to ktv are
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am PST
they pay taxes, they pay a fine, they learn english, they get to the back of the line, that's the best option." castro calls the country's immigration system "broken," but adds that congress is on the cusp of making progress. president obama is seeking short-term solutions to fix the country's debt problems. the president has asked congress to decide on short-term spending cuts in lieu of a bigger package of cuts and reforms. lawmakers face a march 1st deadline to avoid across-the- board spending cuts known as sequestration. president obama remarked yesterday that the cuts would threaten economic recovery, and noted he is "looking for a small package of spending cuts and tax revenue increases as a short-term stop- gap." senate minority leader mitch mcconnell responded, saying the president needs to lay out significant spending reforms. the high-tech town of silicon valley is making a strong rebound from the recession. a new report shows jobs, incomes and ipos all increased last year. 92,000 jobs were created. that's about what was happening during the frenzy. 46,000 new bu
Feb 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
project. work is set to begin next year. some of the money will come from hotel taxes and some from the city's fund. >>> the annual charity limit of 12 beach took place today. >> reporter: singer huey lewis led celebrities to the pebble beach national pro am. today's celebrity challenge included andy garcia it back to bill murray. >> it is as competitive as amateurs can stand. it gets a little easier. you aren't quite as nervous. that takes a bit of getting used to. >> reporter: thepressure that makes top movie stars humble. >> it definitely changes. you are used to playing with your friends and now you are playing in front of all these people who are expecting you to be able to the ball. >> reporter: an added pressure for performers playing golf if the plane to the crowd. >> it is keep your head down and talk about fiber. >> reporter: all this scenery is expected to change and the weather that was so perfect could be more wet starting tomorrow. >> if there is a good chance of rain it usually only way for a couple hours. i will keep my fingers crossed. >> reporter: in the end humid
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
taxes. according to reports, the white house did not release an exact date on when the president will issue his next budget, but the white house reportedly is blaming congress for taking until january to work out a deal that would avoid the fiscal cliff. new york governor andrew cuomo proposes one of the most ambitious home buyback programs ever attempted. $400 million would be used to purch homes destroyed by superstorm sandy along the state's coastline. the governor would then preserve that land so that nothing could be re-built, thereby re-shaping how the coastline would be used. the purchase program will require federal approval. prepare for a price spike at the salad bar. the cost of lettuce and other vegetables may rise following a cold snap that hit california and arizona farms. cold temps hurt crops and caused the price of iceberg lettuce to rise 36% to $1.20 a pound. california is the top exporter of lettuce in the country. foxconn, famous for producing apple products and for its alleged mistreatment of workers, is widening its unions at its factories in china. the company is
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9